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Whether divorce, paternity, child support, timesharing, alimony or property division – your life is about to change. Expect adjustment to your wallet, your work life and your household. Let me help you. Call us today for a legal consultation.
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Bankruptcy Law

You are not alone. Bankruptcy happens to the best of us, even if you have attempted to avoid it. It is not your fault and you don’t need to feel guilty or disappointed in yourself. Sometimes, the circumstances are beyond your control.
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Estate Planning

Everyone has a different situation. What can be effective for one person or couple may not be effective for the next. How can we provide for our special needs child? Learn the answers to these questions and many more. Learn what is right for your situation.
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Tampa Divorce Lawyer, Sonya C. Colon

In looking for representation you may ask yourself how to find a Tampa divorce lawyer, and Why Sonya Colon? A divorce lawyer needs a particular set of traits to success in your case.

Tampa Divorce Lawyer: Why Sonya Colon?

  • She is approachable. Sonya Colon places a particular emphasis on communicating with and providing highly attentive legal services to clients that help them achieve their goals.
  • She is skilled. Her experience and track record extends back to providing paralegal services in New York City and now Tampa, Florida. She earned her law degree at the University of Seattle, in Seattle, Washington, while her husband was stationed in Iraq as a military officer.
  • She is empathetic. Since you need a Tampa divorce lawyer who listens, has compassion and patience to help you restructure your life. Why Sonya Colon?
  • She is passionate about your case, and will provide you with a strong legal support representation that you will need in a stressful situation that will adjust your financial resources and household circumstances.
  • She is proactive. In order to have an effective stance in court, Sonya will need to discuss important options with you that will strengthen your case and help you achieve a successful outcome. She cares about your life moving forward through the transition of these family changes that you are experiencing.

Take heart as you search for a Tampa divorce lawyer. Why Sonya Colon? Because she is an attorney with a strong background in legal services, who can guide you with expertise and a customized approach to your case.
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Tampa Divorce Attorney, Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer, Tampa Probate Lawyer

What does it means to be represented by a great lawyer who is a Tampa family attorney?
It means you have the dedication of Sonya Colon, who opened her law practice in Tampa in 2008. Family attorneys are a special type. They focus on helping with any legal needs of the entire family.

Tampa Wills and Living Trusts Lawyer

Having a Tampa family attorney means getting the help needed to make sure each spouse has a proper will. Also, it is good to understand the benefits of using a living trust to avoid probate if one spouse dies. A living trust reduces delays caused by the probate process, saves money, and reduces troubles, making sure life can continue at a critically sad time. Disputes over a will require the representation of a Tampa probate lawyer to handle the legal complexities.

Tampa Real Estate Law

Having a Tampa family attorney means having competent legal counsel when conducting any real estate transactions to make sure all the contracts are satisfactory, complete, and reviewed properly for legal protections according to real estate law.

Tampa Bankruptcy Attorney

Having a Tampa family attorney means when the creditors’ demands are overwhelming and bankruptcy is on the horizon, a lawyer is there to guide you through the complex legal process. They help clients preserve what is possible, file the legal papers correctly, and go on to a new life free from the burdens of impossible debt.

Tampa Divorce Attorney

Sometimes divorces are amicable, which means both husband and wife agree to the divorce and how to settle the divorce. Having a Tampa family attorney to handle uncontested divorces saves on legal fees.
About Sonya Colon: Sonya Colon fights for her clients. She knows how to work hard. She worked on her law degree while her husband did a tour of duty in Iraq. She works with the Family Readiness Group, which supports the families of U.S. soldiers and is a member of the International Women’s Leadership Association. For the legal needs of those in the Tampa area, contact Sonya Colon today!

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 Tampa Bankruptcy Attorney Services
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  • Living Wills
  • Trusts
  • Estate Planning
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  • Probate and Estate Administration
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Tampa Real Estate Lawyer
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