Where to store your Will

Many people believe that there is no safer place then to store a Will then in a safe deposit box. Yes, there are few safer places then a safe deposit box, however it is too safe. The issue with storing a Will in a safe deposit box is after you pass your personal representative is for the most part unable to get into the box. Only the original Will is admissible in Court therefore if the Personal Representative is unable to access the box they are unable to access the original.

We suggest keeping the Will in a secure location at home. We also suggest if you are to keep it in a locked place that the Personal Representative knows where the key is should something happen. We suggest keeping the Will, one statement from each bank account you have, titles to all vehicles and homes along with any other estate planning documents together in one centralized location to make the transition as simple as possible for your Personal RepresentativeLast Will and Testament documents, with pen etc

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