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Holiday Time Sharing

Whether it is by assigning fixed holidays, alternating holidays each year or even splitting a holiday in half there are many ways to parents commonly divide and share holiday time. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the child has a fair share of quality time with their parents and ensuring the child is able to participate in

Is your Child Support correct?

There are many factors that go into time sharing and income. In Florida its called time sharing and not custody. Child support is based on the income from both parents, the child's healthcare, healthcare costs and the number of children is also a factor. When something significant changes in your status child support can and

Selecting a Tampa Child Custody Lawyer

 Steps for selecting a Child Custody Attorney

If you are married with children and are now going through a divorce, making the best choice for your Tampa child custody lawyer needs to be your top priority. The decisions you make during this time can set the tone and trajectory for your and your children's
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