Divorce Attorney near Tampa

Sonya C. Colon, Esq., a divorce attorney near Tampa, Florida, understands the needs of her clients. Her practice has maintained a reputation for ethical behavior, client education, and community advocacy that is unparalleled by other law firms in the state of Florida. She understands the delicacy of these cases and strives to make the experience as palatable as possible. For the best in compassionate and thorough assistance, contact Sonya C. Colon, Esq.

Sonya C. Colon, Esq. is not only a divorce attorney, her practice also handles bankruptcy law, estate planning, family law, and probate cases. Among the legal issues she specializes in, Sonya C. Colon, Esq. can help her clients with problems related to:

  • Timesharing
  • Custody suits
  • Paternity suits
  • Property division
  • Wills and personal document preparation
  • Chapters 7 and 13 filing

Sonya C. Colon, Esq. completed her law degree in Florida after her husband returned from his overseas military station. Since opening her practice in 2008, Sonya C. Colon has focused approached her work from many different angles. She recognizes that life’s changes take a toll people and manifest in many ways. She strives to make the transitions that are required happen smoothly so that people can move on with their lives. Sonya C. Colon, Esq. is a member of the Florida Bar, Inns of Court, Family Readiness Group (supports the families of soldiers), and the International Women’s Leadership Association. She believes in giving back to the community and helping people in need.

If you are looking for a divorce attorney near Tampa who will listen to your needs and help you go down the right path to resolution, contact Sonya C. Colon, Esq. Let her expertise work for you.

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