Mandatory Disclosure

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There are many documents that can be gathered in advance to make mandatory disclosure as quick and painless as possible. This is some of the most common paperwork we have our clients gather before the process begins. If you are a business owner there is much more that is required however for the majority of people gathering these documents beforehand will usually grant a decent head start to the process.

The first things to have are bank records or all periodic statements for the last 3 months for all checking accounts and for the last year for all savings accounts, money market funds, certificates of deposit, etc.

The next are pay stubs or other evidence of earned income for the 3 months before the service of the financial affidavit.

These documents can usually be found online and then printed out for convenience. Each case is different and may require different documents based on the situation. Be sure to seek legal assistance for clarification on what documents will be required for your specific situation

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