Probate 101


What is probate?

"Probate" comes from a Latin word meaning "to prove." In other words, probate is the process of proving that a person's last will and testament is both genuine and valid. This process takes the form of a court proceeding. How long probate takes, and how complicated it is, depends upon a

Where to store your Will

Many people believe that there is no safer place then to store a Will then in a safe deposit box. Yes, there are few safer places then a safe deposit box, however it is too safe. The issue with storing a Will in a safe deposit box is after you pass your personal representative is

Mandatory Disclosure

Vector business concept in flat style - paper douments and workplace There are many documents that can be gathered in advance to make mandatory disclosure as quick and painless as possible. This is some of the most common paperwork we have our clients gather before the process begins. If
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