Best Divorce Lawyer near Tampa

Divorce can be a very unpleasant and distressing process involving a lot of financial and mental stress. Regardless of how congenial partners may be during divorce, the process is simply not pleasant. Small matters can turn out to be complex due to mitigating circumstances.

Divorce is a decision that involves considering critical issues such as child custody  and visitation rights, child support and distribution of assets.

Best divorce lawyer near Tampa

Marriage that involves abuse of either person may necessitate more than just distribution of your assets. The spouse who has been victimized might be entitled to compensation for physical injuries, pain and/or emotional distress. Without an experienced lawyer, those who have suffered through abusive marriages may not be made aware of what they may be entitled to.   The best divorce lawyers consistently secure their client’s rights in divorce cases.

With offices located near Tampa, Sonya C. Colon is among the best lawyers in Florida and consistently does her best to assist her clients through legal challenges and the tough emotions that often come with such issues. She acts as the rational consultant, guiding those who want to divorce through legal loopholes.


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